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Petrol supply: Army put on standby to ease fuel crisis (Tue, 28 Sep 2021)
Military drivers will be trained up as a precaution, after days of long queues and pump closures.
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R. Kelly found guilty in sex trafficking trial (Tue, 28 Sep 2021)
After decades of allegations, the singer is convicted of running a scheme to abuse women and children.
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Gen. Mark Milley is scheduled to testify over the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan today at a highly charged congressional hearing (Mon, 27 Sep 2021)
Former President Donald Trump shows every sign of aspiring to a new presidency that would shake America's democracy to its core. But a highly charged congressional hearing Tuesday will underscore the institutional and political wreckage still smoldering in the wake of his first White House term.
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US government working to help about 100 US citizens and permanent residents leave Afghanistan (Mon, 27 Sep 2021)
The State Department is working to facilitate the departure of approximately 100 American citizens and legal permanent residents ready to leave Afghanistan, a senior State Department official said Monday.
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